Welcome to The Other Other Operation

Over the past decade or more, state of the art in storage systems has advanced significantly faster than state of the art in storage testing.  This widening gap has allowed vendors to game the system crowing about their test results using a famous benchmark while their competitor can’t publish results because the benchmark can’t be run with always-on deduplication.

The Other Other Operation was formed to create a new set of storage benchmarks that are:

  • A good first approximation of real world applications
  • Accessible to both users and vendors
  • Include prescriptive directions for running a proof of concept

The first step is to learn more about how real-world applications and storage interact so we’re building a community driven workload library. See the Workload Library menu above for more information.

We’re collecting data now. See our contributing data page to see how you can help. Our analysis tools are just about ready and in 2017 we’ll start posting our analysis of the contributed workloads and allow you to download contributed traces for your own analysis.

There’s a lot more coming, we’re building a new class of storage benchmarks and this website at the same time.

If you want us to keep you up to date on our progress please visit our  contact page.

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