The Cookbook

Our primary product is a “Cookbook” to help storage consumers run a comprehensive proof of concept on a storage system.

Our experience with the commercial market tells us that in many organizations lack the resources to properly mount a storage system POC. The Cookbook is designed to allow an IT generalist with some knowledge of storage to perform a complete POC of a storage system in the 30 days a vendor will give them for an evaluation while still doing the rest of their day to day job.

The Cookbook will include:

  • Virtual machines with benchmarks and scripts preinstalled. (.OVF download)
  • A POC manual that includes step by step directions for running:
    • A workload and capacity calculator
      • Inputs: total capacity, capacity of performance tier, data reduction, number of controllers and ports, Etc.
      • Outputs: suggested numbers and sizes of workload LUNS or datastores
    • Deployment scripts to deploy workload tiles
    • Execution scripts to run benchmarks
    • Result consolidation scripts, reports
    • How to interpret results
      • Comparing reactivity across systems

Results Reporting

While suggestions are welcome for additional results that may shed light on one or more aspect of storage performance we have made some basic decisions:

  • Rather than playing with queue depths or the like we’ll be running workloads to generate fixed levels of traffic, iterating those levels until we discover the maximum IOPS the system will perform at target latency levels.

Different storage systems have targets in line with the expectations of users for those systems:

System Type Target 1 Target 2 Target 3
All Flash Array 1ms 3ms 5ms
Hybrid 3ms 7ms 15ms
All Disk 5ms 10ms 20ms

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